Friday, February 4, 2011

How Much Is A Garrett Popcorn Franchise

I made a cake for y`all;))

Because I now 50 readers have ;))

course to all other who read my blog;)

And what suits the occasion better than a cake,
in this case, a rainbow cake!

Another thing is that
my first time that I have dared such a thing,
with butter cream and the same, so do not judge too strictly,
also is made with LOVE;)

the great recipe I've baked from here , but you can
also any soil ...
And now, hold on tight:) I show how I did it ...

So, let `s. ..
First, prepare dough and divide into six equal parts,
I've done by weight.

Then the food coloring is used.
best gel color, if you're not ready for the best, has
like me in this case,
then you can even mix wonderful
red and blue produce purple, yellow and red
resulting orange etc. ..
But you know yourself

then look `s like,
colorful beautiful;))

then bake After Sun
Just beautiful bunt;))

Next comes the butter cream,
that was a little tricky ...
here the preparations that must divide butter into small pieces
before you give it to the egg white.

If it pursuant to this recipe going on here,
then stops to beat them,
is when all the butter, stir.
When the cream is still soft but a little liquid,
is not so tragic!
Simply enter in the refrigerator after it thickens and becomes solid and spreadable!
not stir thereafter, otherwise flocculates all!
If all went well, should look like it that way.

then in the order you want to be stacked
butter cream in between and around brush.

Voilà, the cake is ready!

Just one more cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your meal!

Here again are two great blogs out there for sure
more great recipes are all the fallen.
First, it is Whisk Kid and other i am baker. Click in
definitely worth it!
Have fun;)

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